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Tickets for the performances of the Madách Theater can be exchanged at our ticket office, via our organization, or online.

Madách Stúdió
Clever Little Lies
Tolnay Szalon

Ticket Info

Please note that by purchasing a theater ticket, you accept the following conditions: 

  • Tickets will only be exchanged or redeemed in case of a program change or a missed performance. This is possible until the beginning of the performance in case of a program change, and for 60 days after the scheduled performance in case of non-performance.
  • The theater reserves the right to change actors.
  • Late arrivals can only take their seat during the break.
  • Should the performance be interrupted due to an extraordinary event after the start of the second performance, the performance shall be deemed to have been held.
  • It is forbidden to make audio and video recordings of the performance!